Friday, September 24, 2010

Congressional Race

The Congressional race between Martin Heinrich and Jon Barela has been a yawner so far.  I think that is good for Heinrich, but in this paranoid political season who really knows what it means?

Barela's campaign issues mirror the tired babble from the GOP.  No regulations on business and no taxes....ever.  This is old stuff and in this economic quagmire I am not sure it is a good bet.  Let us recall what no regulation has brought us.  The meltdown on Wall Street where the only survivors were the ones who caused it.  The oil platform disaster in the Gulf where oil industry types provided junkets and sex for lax regulation.  Countless recalls in our food industry because of poor inspection.

And now unregulated and secret political donations from national business groups to GOP candidates nationwide.  This will have an effect to some degree.

Jon Barela is not a bad guy, but his mantra in this political season is exactly what we don't need.

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