Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I see the President felt he needed to explain his Christianity to some Albuquerque people yesterday.  He did a good job of it but it won't change the minds of anyone who thinks he is Moslem.  I also noticed that yesterday the NY Times had an article about how miserably people fail tests about religion.  Even their own.  I took the test and got all but one question correct.

Most skeptics do well on the tests.  So do atheists.  I noticed that word atheist is never capitalized by the spell checker.  Now I have noticed that Lutheran is.   Is seventh day Adventist?  yes the last word is.  Is scientology? nope  Is Buddhism?  yes.  Is Catholicism? yes.  Is Baptist? yes . Is Methodist?  yes. Is Mormon? yes.  Just one of those little meaningless discoveries in life.

Today I throw the dice to see if I and my baggage can make it all the way to Cape Cod, MA.  I will be attending a Wyss Foundation Board meeting there and then I will travel to Syracuse, NY to see my son Justin and his wife Karly.   They just moved into a new home after leaving Washington, DC where he continues his work remotely for the Solar Energy Industry Association.  They will become parents in November and  Bobbi and me will have a first grandchild.  Woo Hoo!

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New Mexican said...

I missed one too, I chose Abramham over Job.