Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I see where two political appointees, who serve at will of the elected Secretary of State, will sue her for their dismissals despite having no rights under the personnel system.  This is something that should be squashed immediately, or soon an elected official, no matter if they are competent or not, will never be able to hire or fire their own team.  I know this sounds counter intuitive but it is the way things should work.

Former Sheriff Darren White is embarrassing his new boss again.  Mayor Berry had to pick up the Journal this morning and see that White's tenure at the Sheriff's office was questionable when it came to proper handling of cash and property confiscated from criminals.  Maybe the Mayor can keep White off his self serving TV news appearances for a while.

I see where the vanquished GOP gubernatorial candidate Allan Weh will now have a private political committee that will support right wing candidates.  His funding will come I assume from his proceeds as a war profiteer.  One of the new committees goals is funding candidates who support a strong Defense effort.  Surprise, Surprise.

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