Monday, September 13, 2010


I can't wait to get back to Mexico City.

 I had no idea what a great place it is.  Over 20 million people call it home.  The city was abuzz with preparations for the 200th anniversary of Independence.

 The city is prosperous.  It is full of trees on every street and it must be the world capitol for good food.  It is inexpensive and an American ex-pat population is living well there.  The Mexican middle class is growing again.  I heard the worse Sax player ever in the Zocalo!

My good friend Jim King's company has Mexican investors and his company is growing.

He was a great host and made me walk a good 20 miles in two days of sight seeing.

I stopped off in Phoenix on the way back yesterday to see my daughter Noelle and her boyfriend Luke.  The posed with their new puppy Stig.  Lola is the big dog and she is a sweetie!  Stig and Lola.  Sounds like a movie title.

And while I was gone the NM State Fair started.  Rodger Beimer sent me this pic of himself and Sam Donaldson who was the State Fair Parade Marshall.  Rodger said he got more cheers than anyone.

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