Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I see where the NM Cattle Growers attempted and failed to quash a public hearing by the state on protection of rivers, wetlands, lakes and waterways.  You always have to be suspect when a corporate shill group like that wants to keep the public from commenting on environmental protection plans.  I have not said much about the livestock industry in the last few years, but they are still a major problem in the western United State's  water quality and health arena.  I have mostly spent time banging my head up against the oil and gas industry and its plan to keep us from renewable energy options.  Yes, that is what they do because it is in their own self interest.  And these public land users do all of this while receiving subsidies from the taxpayers.  It is enough to drive you crazy.

Meanwhile, those two industries along with the real estate and dairy folks are giving quite a bit of money to the republican State Land Commissioner candidate Matthew Rush.  He has easily out-raised Democrat Ray Powell and has a great advantage in money on hand for the last ten weeks of the general election cycle.  Since there will likely be a lot of ticket splitting during this election, Ray could be in trouble if he doesn't learn how to raise real money.  Mark my words, Rush will be getting a lot more in from these special interest groups in the next two months.

I have sent Ray Powell a little money but will send him more for the sake of our state lands protection.

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Amen, wish
this got more attention!