Tuesday, September 21, 2010


At one time my dad was a member of the Knights of Columbus in Albuquerque.  He didn't stay with them long as I recall.  They used to run around with swords and feathered hats and I think it was a little embarrassing for him.  This Catholic Men's group used to do some good works and defend the faith.  Now that organization's national arm is giving more money to fight gay marriage than it is to feed and clothe poor people.  What a crock!  Catholicism at work in the modern day.  That is why so many of my generation just don't participate in organized religion anymore.  It seems high on bigotry and low on good deeds.

Congressman Harry Teague has received some money from me occasionally for his campaign.  I did so because he was gutsy in supporting some environmental compromises on climate change.  But now that he is running against the great anti planet candidate, former Congressman Steve Pearce, I guess Teague needs to distance himself from land protection in Dona County and other areas.  I deep down understand his reasoning on needing to do this for reelection in that district, but I still am disappointed.  It is very important that Teague get reelected however.  He is a guy with a heart who came from humble beginnings.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jim

I stumbled upon your blog and thought I'd let you know I've read it. I don't live in NM, but have visited Albuquerque. A very nice place - as a former mayor you should be proud of what you helped build in your city.

My main comment relates to Steve Pearce. I am not much into political rivalries, but I do know Steve to be honest, genuine, down to earth and concerned.

Just my two cents.

Ed Junius
New Orleans