Monday, September 20, 2010

Frito Bandido

It is pretty easy to see now just how much right wing political hype is involved with the Immigration issue.  Governor Bill Richardson will be the only US Governor attending a border conference with Mexican State Border Governors in Santa Fe.  Apparently the other US border Governors, all republicans, don't think it is important to further understanding with their Mexican counter parts.  And yet, in varying degrees these same US Governors have mostly responded to the 'immigration' crisis foisted on the public by Fox News, Lou Dobbs, and scared Tea Party types.  The GOP US Governors are willing to use this as a divisive issue for reelection but it is not so important that they will take even four hours to show up and talk face to face with the Mexican delegates.  I know they are all busy with busted budgets and unemployment but these border governors have a responsibility to show international diplomacy.  This is somewhat of an insult.

After visiting Mexico City last week and seeing what a vibrant and exciting place that is, it just makes me wonder if these GOP Governors still see this powerful entity to the south as the "Frito Bandido".

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