Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Horse Meat

Has it come down to horse meat?  Now we see both candidates for Governor in New Mexico severely underestimating the constituency that works to protect and nurture the wild Mustangs in the American West.  These beautiful creatures, whose numbers must be controlled, still have a place in our landscapes. Governor Richardson had planned on the purchase of a ranch with stimulus funds to enlarge a state park near Madrid, NM to provide a reserve for these magnificent animals.  But then Susana Martinez and Diane Denish decided it was a bad thing to do.  Why take this on as a policy issue that makes the front page? Both of them have erred in taking that stance.  Now things have been delayed in the transaction.   I  had called Denish's office to speak with her or a staffer about it, but no one returned my call.  I would expect such a policy from Martinez, but I have to say Diane took a wrong turn here.

I dealt with these wild horses when I was Bureau of Land Management Director under President Clinton.  Back then they had been treated terribly and sold to people who took them to the slaughter houses.  Those days are ended I think except in the minds of some campaign managers.  Maybe they should do a little research before taking such stands on these kinds of issues.  In fact such a state park for horses would be a good thing for the economy and would have a positive effect.


susan said...

Jim, Things are really dire with child care and TANF. Those funds are needed. This is the first time that people are going to be kicked off of state subsidies for childcare, if their income is over 100% of federal poverty level. In the past, when childcare was cut back to 100% of FPL, at least they grandfathered in those who were already receiving child care subsidies. Now there isn't even enough money to keep them going. People are going to have to give up their jobs or put their kids in sub-standard child care. Child care providers are going out of business because they can't carry those behind on their payments any more. Also, already less-than-generous TANF benefits are being cut by 15%. Susan Loubet

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you on this. At least on the source of the funding for the purchase. Spending federal stimulus money on a land purchase does not accomplish the goals of the stimulus, to either save or create jobs. If the horse sanctuary is as good an idea as it appears to be, there are private funds out there that should be pursued for the purchase.