Sunday, September 26, 2010


I don't think it matters a whole lot if a person running for office doesn't have a college degree.  What does matter is whether or not they fudge on the issue.  I remember when now disgraced Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil Giron said during a campaign that she had a college degree when she didn't have one.  It became the big issue in that race with the Albuquerque Journal and everyone else having a lot of fun with it.  Giron, who was a semester short of a degree, said she had it in her mind that she had one.  Whatever that excuse was supposed to accomplish is beyond me.

I noticed this morning that the GOP candidate for Lt. Governor and the GOP candidate for Secretary of State have no degrees.  Their democratic opponents both  have advanced degrees.  So what?  As long as a person is smart and honest you really don't need a sheepskin to prove yourself.

And then there is the GOP candidate for Land Commissioner, Matt Rush, who said he had an Associate Degree when he didn't.  Now that brings up the question of honesty.  Why do some people feel such a need to inflate themselves this way?  But it also exposed another problem.  He must be ignorant too.  Does he think he can get away with lying on a resume when running for political office?

Well, why not?  Because as we have learned from the Susana Martinez campaign it is easy to lie about your opponent in TV commercials even when independent watchdog groups have proven all allegations false!  And yet the commercials keep on rolling during every commercial break.  The thought being that you can keep Diane Denish's numbers down by continuing to keep up false attacks.  Even people who do not believe the allegations are somewhat moved by the negative hits.

Some people say Martinez is really not such a bad person.  If that is true how can she condone her right wing campaign handlers continuing the lies.  Victory at any cost I guess.  It defines her character to me.

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