Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Juxtaposition Again

The front page of the Albuquerque Journal was too much to bear today.  I am not a snob, but the headlines of the day citing the bankruptcy and demise of the Albuquerque Symphony Orchestra and the fact that beer sales in the UNM Pit are getting closer to reality is just depressing.

This doesn't mean civilization is closer to dissolving, but it certainly bodes poorly for the state and city.  Amenities like the symphony are important to economic development and culture.  Beer at the pit is important to DUI trends and a negative image overall.  We can do with out beer at the pit, but I am not sure we can do without our symphony.

You would think that corporate America who pays little or no taxes along with the richest folks would help out the symphony as they used to.  Maybe since their taxes are so low that they just don't see the charitable deductions as important anymore.

Those same folks will probably be giving money to the governor's new political action committee though.  The money Susanna Martinez brings in will be used to fight progressive taxing in this state.  Also to find candidates who like to beat up on undocumented workers.

Maybe civilization is breaking down a little bit.


Anonymous said...

A little bit?

Rodney said...

I would think that the juxtaposition of the Not Guilty verdict immediately next to the beer sales at Pit would be a bit more alarming if DUI were a major concern.

Honestly, the NMSO can't compete on a talent level with Santa Fe ProMusica.