Monday, April 25, 2011


It is interesting to see the construction industry all up in arms about the legislature and Governor not passing a capital improvements bill in the last session.  They say it will cost thousands of jobs.  It could cost jobs for sure but it is almost humorous that this one segment of the business community cries for stimulus funding, while the the right wing national chamber of commerce and other groups say we can power our way to prosperity with tax cuts for the rich.

One of my good friends has a jewelry and metal art manufacturing facility here in Albuquerque.  He told me over dinner yesterday that their business is doing great and that he thinks one reason is that people are purposely buying local goods.  He is also selling to airport gift shops in the west and says demand is up.  He thinks the recovery is underway and wonders if the right wing will try and stall it so they can elect a republican president.

People I know are trying to dis Martin Heinrich in his run for the US Senate because he wasn't born in New Mexico.  One of my readers commented in the last blog that only one of our delegation was born in New Mexico.  I get really sick of these folks who thinks that a person's birthplace really matters.  It is New Mexico politics at its worse and it is coming from supporters of Hector Balderas, the state auditor who wants to be a Senator.  He is better than this and he ought to shut those folks up.

We had a great weekend up in Fort Collins.  I would post my daughters engagement pics that I shot but she wont give her old man permission.  We did find a great place for them to be married not far from Rocky Mountain National Park.  That region if Colorado is truly beautiful.


Vicki said...

Good post. My husband's small business (high tech cameras) has had its best sales in ten years in 2009 and 2010. He sells to government, research and medical labs,universities, high tech business so perhaps the stimulus bill has helped. We bought a new car with good MPG with "cash for clunkers" tax incentive in 2009 (changing out my 18 mpg jeep for a 32 mpg camry) and received a $3500 tax break plus $600 tax break from the State Sales Tax tax refund. In 2010 we bought a high efficiency wood stove and it was the reason we got a tax refund for 2010. We finally sold our house in Rio Rancho after 2 1/2 years in November, 2009. My adult daughters are working full time now with good wages and one of my daughter's boyfriend who was out of work for a year got a full time job in 2010, the one he had been seeking. Yes, economy is getting better for us in the Middle Class. Republicans are trying like hell to put the brakes on the economy by cutting government jobs and spending both in the House and in the State (Gov. Martinez' vetos and line item vetos). They are either totally clueless "leaders" or just want Democrats to fail in economic recovery. A recovery would be all Obama needs for reelection.

Anonymous said...

The reason people are buying jewelry is because they know the price of gold and silver will continue to climb as the incompetents in Washington continue to debase the dollar and cause inflation. It good for your friend though, not everyone else unfortunately.

Jim Baca said...

he doesn't work in precious metals....just alloys. so you are mistaken.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Heinrich was not born in NM does not mean he cannot do a good job as our senator.

The fact that Balderas was does mean he has a grasp on New Mexican needs. He was born and raised here. It may not make that much of a difference but it does come into play.

It came into play when I voted for you.

JMV said...

I agree with the comment above. I am a Balderas supporter and I do not disregard the Heinrich candidacy based on his birth place. I think he'd make a fantastic Senator regardless of where he was born. I however think that Balderas would make a better general election candidate and a better Senator that Heinrich for many reasons. And I hope that the author of this blog uses the same passion that he used in blasting Balderas supporters to defend the Balderas candidacy from Heinrich supporters who are quick to discredit the Balderas candidacy on the basis of "experience" and fundraising ability. Heinrich may have 3 years of DC experience, but Balderas has 5 years of statewide experience and has build a formidable national reputation for himself.

Anonymous said...

During the first House race between Heather Wilson and Phil Maloof the question of birth place was raised. Phil’s supporters called Heather a “carpet bagger” and implied you had to be born in New Mexico to understand and represent New Mexico. That provincial attitude had me reminding other native New Mexicans that you don’t need a passport to enter or live in the state. Although I have always voted the Democratic ticket, I made an exception in this race and voted for Heather. If this is going to be an issue in this race, it will come back to bite those that espouse it.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 married daughters and we all live in ABQ. At Christmas we agreed to buy our gifts at local businesses ONLY.

I shopped at Beeps, Lieber's, Red Geranium, Bookworks, Fruit Basket (!), and Fat Finch.

It was one of the most fun holidays ever. All gifts were unique and appreciated. All monies spent went to the local ecomomy including the taxes!