Friday, April 15, 2011


I still think it is peculiar that the Governor is waging what appears to be a police action against the public schools.  She is auditing them to see if they are trying to get extra money to run themselves by overstating their growth.  I wish Martinez would show such resolve in auditing her oil and gas supporters.  There are a million ways those guys can steal from the taxpayer.

City of Albuquerque Public Safety Chief Darren White, with some goosing from the Mayor I am sure, has decided to take a look at the training procedures for APD's academy.  After the gunning down of another mentally ill person, he should take a hard look.  I would also advise the Mayor to put together an adhoc committee to look at the Academy's philosophy.  Are they turning out US Marine clones or are they turning out police officer/public servants?

If this wind doesn't stop blowing around dust and pollen then we shall all surely go mad.

The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good  ideas! ....unknown

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Yes, and it takes time and resources to prepare for these audits. Public education is on it's knees, so deliver a blow wherever you can get away with it. Reagan's "soul mate," Margaret Thatcher, taught how to go after public institutions, as a way to break down societal cohesiveness, destroy what we the people have in common. They're still on that agenda. Cut taxes for the rich and starve government, as an excuse to destroy what we do in common, through government. Go after unions. Thatcher went after the miners. Reagan followed suit with the air traffic controllers. Our declining wages are part of it. The end game of Reaganomics. Neuter government, where we can exercise power, empower corporations. Turn the country over to corporations.

The cops' having license to blow people away at random is actually a part of it, this holding up of government's enforcements arms as heros, the cops' evolving conception of themselves and their role. People don't take becoming serfs lightly. It requires repression, a healthy fear of authority. Look at other regimes. Now there's this proliferation of private armies, the Blackwaters, Dyncorp, etc., dozens of them. They outnumber military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are under corporate, not government control, could easily be repositioned around workplaces, the Journal, the governor's mansion. They'll provide jobs for laid off cops, and the ones who were fired for all sorts of nice reasons. The ones who lust after violence.

I know that as mayor you had the strange idea that we are supposed to tell police what kind of policing we want, not the other way around. There are some ideas out there for how to do that - I seem to recall you had some ideas on that, too. Well, still do, but I appreciate you keeping a light on that issue. It's not something people readily think about.