Monday, April 18, 2011


I keep wondering when Governor Martinez will show us a real plan for adding jobs in New Mexico.  At least she should give it some lip service.  But once again all I see are her aggressive policies aimed at school districts in the state.  It is stranger everyday.

I joke that I will go mad from the March/April winds, dust and juniper pollen, but really after seeing the death toll in North Carolina and other places in tornado alley I shouldn't be complaining.  I was looking into some websites to see what the average wind speed in Albuquerque has been annually.  It is 3 miles per hour.  I think that average if calculated down to daytimes in  March and April might be a tad higher.  Like 10 to fifteen times higher.  I think it seems a lot worse this year because of the drought.  Surprisingly, it seems there are fewer days of this misery that one thinks. We will get through it.

Three weeks from today Bobbi and I will board a plane for another cruise.  We will start in Barcelona for a couple of days, then have stops in Gibralter, Cadiz- Spain, Lisbon- Portugal, Vigo- Spain, Cherbourg- France, Brugge-Belgium and then into Dover, England.  I keep thinking about the plane ride over hoping Delta has checked for cracks and metal fatigue.  It is funny how one aircraft incident can get everyone thinking hard!


Bubba Muntzer said...

You could bring your own jumper cables, for the plane or the boat. This is what I do. You're always ready to help out.

Sounds like an awesome trip though. Damn!

Will you be stopping to pick up Libyans you see swimming by?

David said...

I live vicariously through your vacations, Jim, and enjoy the stories and pics when you return. You've earned them. My wife and I might be able to splurge sometime this year and drive to Denver for a weekend (woohoo!), but not if I can't find a job soon. I was one of those evil exempt employees (at the low end of the pay scale) that Oh Susana summarily fired when she and her campaign staff invaded the 4th Floor. After 40 years in the workforce, it's proving extremely difficult to find someone willing to hire me...they all want the young and degreed (even if the degree doesn't relate to the job) rather than seasoned and experienced.