Friday, April 29, 2011

Same Old...Same Old

I am reading an interesting novel right now called "The City of Man."  It takes place in 1492 Florence when the Medici family ruled and the enlightenment was in full swing.  I was inspired to read it because of the mini series "The Borgias" on Showtime.

There may have been enlightenment in 1492 but conspiracy theory and outright demagoguery and superstition still was powerful.  Today when I picked up the Albuquerque Journal I was reminded of that.  I read in a good reporting job by Rene Romo that the Journal's rightwing oped writer Marita Noon said that environmentalists were out to destroy America.

She really said this at Congressman Steve Pearce's rhetoric and slanderous town hall on on the possible listing of an endangered species in his district.  Pearce himself probably enjoyed this hysterical attack on the government and environmentalists.  He put this group together and he is now shouldered with responsibility for the hate mongering.  I am beginning to think Pearce is actually inciting some sort of action against his opponents and he must be held accountable.

At any rate, this is no different than the hate mongering and inquisition of the middle ages.  Except now it is inspired by the oil and gas least in southern New Mexico.

I wonder how the Journal can ever run another oped by oil and gas mascot Marita Noon, and keep a straight face.  Her website says she is known for her ability to unite people.  To do what?


Abq Dude said...

This is nothing new coming from the Journal. I really don't know why I continue to subscribe to it - I get 90% of my news from the internet, bloggers (with some caution) and local TV. Maybe the crossword puzzles? Now that's an expensive hobby!

Anonymous said...

I heard this woman on KKOB radio. She actually ridiculed the effort to protect The Lesser Prairie Chicken. She said it's "Lesser" - not even a major bird! What an idiot.

Rodney said...

I was curious about who provided those very nice and professional appearing signs shown in the Journal photo accompanying the story? Certainly not the handmade signs one usually sees at an anti-government rally. Maybe the "event" organizers wanted to avoid appearing unintelligent with the kind of mispelled signs usually seen at these events?

But yeah, I can see where listing a lizard on the ESL would most certainly destroy our nation. I mean really, telling an oil company they can't drill on this acre but they can on that acre a half mile aways is the very thing that the founding fathers feared the most.