Friday, April 01, 2011


I think that Secretary of State Dianna Duran handled her office's little meltdown yesterday pretty good.  She made it quite clear that the happenings referenced in yesterday's blog were very offensive and she put a staffer on leave.  She was very careful to say she had inherited the employee.  She and the Governor always blame everything on their predecessor.

I am very hopeful that Martin Heinrich will run for the Senate.  He is young, energetic, a good environmentalist, and mostly a very smart guy.  These seats only come along every thirty years or so.  If he wants to be a Senator this may be his only chance for quite a while.  Also, the lure of only having to enduring an expensive and nasty campaign every six years instead of every two years is a positive.  Martin is a moderate and one wonders if there is room left for that in the current "Tea Party" era of extremism.

Sam Bregman, a guy who I love and dislike at the same time, is making a mighty run to be democratic state chairman. He could at least breathe some fire into the party.  I really like the current Chair, but frankly some of the news releases I see come out of the party are very ineffectual and whiny.  I have never been active in the 'party' thing so I have no idea who might win.  If Javier Gonzales wins, he must be more aggressive. If Sam Bregman wins that won't be a concern as long as he doesn't go over the top.


Abq Dude said...

I wrote an email to Heinrich's office about a federal budget issue and the response I got back was something else entirely different. I will intend on voting for Mr. Heinrich and then do something entirely different.

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in New Mexico and have always been and always will be a democrat and have been a Democrat for the the last 40 years. Heinrich is no "moderate" and is just a clone of Udall and Bingaman, telling the likes of you what you want to hear but standing for little or nothing at all and not accomploshing much other than getting themselves elected. Martin is just another carpet bagger having come to New Mexico to save us from ourselves. My problem is I will again be stuck voting for him because the Republican will no doubt be worse and unacceptable. Why dont you try promoting other, more highly qualified New Mexico Democrats and perhaps a hispanic for a change?

Bubba Muntzer said...

I agree with both comments. Where has Heinrich been while the Koch brothers and their handmaidens in government launch the final assault on US workers standards of living, which has been falling steadily since the advent of Reaganomics? Keeping his head down, along with Udall and Bingamon. None of these twerps have stood up and said a word. Have any of them made speeches? Shown up at demonstrations? None of them did a thing while the Employee Free Choice Act went down in flames, and this while Democrats controlled both houses and the presidency, and certainly not Bingamon, an original sponsor of the act, who backed down and stood mute with fear when corporate America said no, we don't like that bill. Nor have any of them done a thing to protect net neutrality.

The Employee Free Choice act would have undone some of the many obstacles to union organizing Republicans have put in place. Net Neutrality would have insured our continued equal access to the internet with people with the money to buy access. These two things might have given up a little hope. Where was Heinrich when they were being snatched away from us?

Look, the Republicans have won the war of ideas in this country. And Heinrich? He has organized a job fair in Rio Rancho.

Three times as many people watch Fox News now as CNN, five times as many watch Fox News as MSNBC, the closest thing to a liberal outlet there is. The Republicans set the agenda and frame the issues. What we need and have needed is someone to be our champion, not someone interested in "process," like Bingamon, who went up there, made his millions, and now is easing on out. Yes, it's nice to preserve wilderness, so people who can afford to drive out there in their Land Rovers can congratulate themselves on doing well. The rest of us, who have seen our inflation adjusted wages stagnate since 1980, have other things to worry about.

Heinrich won't be that champion. I don't see anybody on the horizon, either.

It seems the people who will stand up for what's right, unfortunately, have moved on, and are spending their retirements taking pictures and enjoying hobo stew.

Don Schiff said...

Ah yes, the "Martin the carpetbagger" meme. What a crock. Martin has spent most of his adult life here. Heather Weasel was a Republican operative specifically sent her from Washington to be Gary Johnson's Human Services secretary. There's a big difference.

Rodney said...

I was kinda hoping Eric Griego might consider running for the Senate, but since he's never faced an electorate larger than a state house or senate district there's little likelyhood he would be recognized outsite of the metro area. I'm not all that thrilled about Martin giving up the CD-1 seat, but having personally known Martin for...15 years now, "carpet bagger" is least accurate description one can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Jim I have no doubt you know and lovw New Mexico, but Martin?? "Martin is carpet bagger" meme and "he has spent most of his adult life here". Lets see, he is 39 years old, served as Albuquerque City Council for 4 years and Congressman for 2 represneting CD1, moved here in his mid 20's. So about 6 to 8 years as a private citzen in New Mexico. He may know Albuquerque, but he does not know New Mexico and its people. I doubt he has ever been or ever spent time or even seen Farmington, Portales, Hobbs, Clovis, Raton, Gallup, Las Cruces, or Jal let alone any of the 27 pueblos or very many other communities. A US Senator needs to know and understand all the people of New Mexico and its cultures. All he has accomplished is getting elected and looking for higher jobs.