Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Grape Plants

We bought some grape plants for the garden from Loews in early march and got them into the ground in hopes they would climb up a new coyote fence we installed.  The plants never sprouted.  So, I took them back to Lowes for some new ones and was rebuffed since I no longer had the receipts.  I did have the plant labels but they said that was not enough.  I have spent several thousand dollars at that store on 12th street so I was unhappy.  I went home and wrote a note to the home office.  Lo and behold I got a response immediately saying they had erred and company policy was clear that I should get new plants whether I had a receipt or not.  Later I got a call from the store manager saying to come in and get the new plants.  They handled the problem well.

Not all corporations are so friendly.  Now, they have been given a big victory by the US Supreme Court who have essentially said 'screw you' to our citizens by ruling that consumers can't bring class action suits against corporate entities because of federal arbitration laws trumping state courts.  It doesn't matter if you are poisoned, maimed, persecuted or killed by their corporate actions.  Of course the republican Supreme Court Justices carried the day on a 5-4 vote on this issue.  All in a case that involved the worse corporation in America.  ATT!

Now, having said that, there is nothing worse than seeing these Law Firms advertising on TV to get you to join law suits.  I hate those ads as much as the ones that tout the tax services of some companies on how not to pay your taxes.  But the Supreme Court's ruling now makes it even more difficult for the little guy.  And this is progress?

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