Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Landscapes Lose in Budget

It had to happen.  It always does.  Every democrat president seems to do it because they don't know anything about western public lands.  And Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was left out in the cold by the all the president's men sacrificing more possible wilderness designations and expansion in the budget deal made last weekend.  Salazar had fought hard to overturn a bush administration policy that pretty much killed new protections for our landscapes.  Salazar issued a new policy, a cornerstone of his work, and then the president appeased Utah congressmen who hate him by taking away all funding that would allow survey and classification work needed for protections.   Once again, a democrat president appeases right wing land exploiters in return for, well, more abuse in the future.  Somebody!  Please explain to me why the democrat presidents throw the west under the bus so often?

I got a call from Obama's reelection campaign today asking for money.  I told them to call back next year and if I am not still totally disillusioned I will send money.  I think the best thing is to give money to congressional candidates who can chase out the Tea Party.  Maybe that will give courage to the commander in chief.

This is a photo of one beautiful area in Utah, Labyrinth Canyon, which will be endangered by this betrayal.

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Abq Dude said...

I've been contacted as well. While I'm quite disappointed in Obama's track record so far, I cringe at the alternatives.