Thursday, April 14, 2011


Another police shooting in Albuquerque makes one wonder.  I have constantly harped on the need for changing the training regime at the police academy and was hopeful that Mayor Berry would do so.  I sense that nothing will happen and these lethal encounters will continue as Public Safety Chief Darren White tries to get back on the good side of the police after a no confidence vote that was served up to him a few weeks ago.  At any rate, this can not continue.

Something else that is wrong is the fact that the Bernalillo County Commission and the Sheriff's office want to open yet another police academy for themselves.  This begs for some cooperation with the city in combining the two.  It could be done with some allowance for different curriculums.  Basic police work is the same though.  Why do we want to pay for two police academies within miles of each other?  And there is still the state academy that could do the sheriff's officers.  This is a waste of money.

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