Friday, June 03, 2011

Jobs....What Jobs?

Here is what I think might have occurred in a conversation this week between Governor Martinez and her Economic Development Secretary John Barela.

Gov..."Hi is the search going for attracting jobs into the state?"

Barela..."Well, not so good but I really wanted to talk to you about some more important things."

Gov...."What would that be John?"

Barela...."Well, I will tell you....I want to run for congress again.  I know Heinrich beat my butt just eight months ago, but now that he is running for the Senate, I thought I would try again."

Gov...."Wow, that sounds cool.  But maybe we should attract a few new jobs in to New Mexico.  A lot of people are hurting."

Barela...."Yeah, especially after your hassling the businesses that Richardson brought in.  Ha Ha!"

Gov......"So, anyway, maybe you could make a few calls today to some companies about helping them relocate here...."

Barela....."Well, I cant this week cause I gotta sit down with my political advisers and analyse the poll we are doing right now."

Gov....."Well, that sounds smart.  Try and get around to that jobs thing as soon as  you have time.  I am going to be busy with other things immigrants drivers licenses"

Barela....."Yeah, I will do that job thing real soon......."


Anonymous said...

Love it....thanks for the laugh

Anonymous said...

Barela is running for Congress as a State employee?