Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It is hard for me to believe that Governor Susanna Martinez can't ban fire works.  She says she cant do so because of a lack of power due to legislation passed by the fireworks industry.   And yet  she will use her executive powers to make it harder for undocumented workers to get driver's licenses, which is legal.  I guess she thinks her frequent trips to stand in front of TV cameras at the Los Alamos fires will inoculate her from coming down on the pyrotechnic industry.  Poor leadership here, or at least a total lack of common sense.  I would like someone in the mainstream media to track down the lobbyists for the fireworks industry and ask them if they think it is smart to be selling fireworks this year.

The Governor, and a lot of western right wingers like her, seem to be very concerned about forest fires.  They wring their hands and emote strongly about it.  I guess actually seeing something happen in front of their faces makes them appreciate these ecosystems.  Yet at the same time they totally dismiss the opinions of scientists world wide on the issue of climate change caused by fossil fuels.  Since it isn't happening quickly and in front of their faces it is to be suspect!  Oh, and they wouldn't want to upset their handlers/donors in the oil, gas and coal industries.


Anonymous said...

Gov. Martinez is quickly showing her ineptness, especially in regards to the fire hazard situation in NM.

Vicki said...

Republicans love to bash the federal government except when they need it to saves their asses.

Rodney said...

Not to worry folks, more tax cuts for the richest New Mexicans will undoubtedly put the fires out and end non-existent climate change.