Monday, June 13, 2011

When is Early too Early

I am just not ready to see presidential candidates debate.  It is seventeen months until the next general election and anything they say now is probably not going to be what they will say thirty days before the November 2012 election day.  All this early stuff does is make sure that there is a good supply of mud and vitriol on hand to be fed to one's fellow candidate.  Friends will become enemies and the voting public will turn out in even few numbers before it is all over.

We can already see the stuff on the wall in the republican senate primary between Heather Wilson and Lt. Governor John Sanchez.  I am sure Sanchez has been doing a little research on Wilson at places like Huffpost.


Anonymous said...

Research on Wilson shows that she did not complete her active duty service commitment for attending the AF Academy and three years at Oxford funded by the Air Force. You, your brother served your commitment. Heather did not!

Vicki said...

I watched the GOP Republican Presidential candidates debate last night. It was two hours of attacks on Barack Obama. The candidadtes did nothing to attack each other. Very few of the candidates suggested anything they would do as President -- it was either repeal all the Obama legislation, including DADT, reduce taxes for the rich and corporations (down to zero for corporate gains), eliminate the EPA and other agencies, or it was "I will present my brillant plan at a later time." No one called out anyone else, not even Pawlenty would go there on the Obamanycare charge. It's clear that any of the debates (especially this early) are just free opportunities to attack President Obama without his being there to debate back! This isn't a debate, but rather a political hatchet job on Democrats provided free of charge by the news media.

Anonymous said...

Yes, just a quick Heather Wilson scandal Google search brought up 425,000 hits.