Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My friend Rodger Beimer said about the closure due to fire dangers hereabouts, 

"Since Albuquerque / Bernalillo County Open Spaces are closed, does that make the headline “Closed Open Spaces” or “Open Spaces Closed”?

He often ponders these big questions.

I see Marty Chavez is getting into the Congressional race.  He has a good a chance as any of winning it, however I was surprised that he was talking about the importance of balanced budgets when he did anything but that as Mayor.  I am also surprised that he is running.  Marty is a lot of things and smart is one of them.  He must know what a miserable existence this two year cycle is for congressional politics.  Maybe he is bored.  I will vote for him if he is the democratic nominee if we can extract a few real environmental promises from him.

We are getting ready for our first grandchild's first visit to New Mexico for a week.  Our kids will all be here along with cousins, in-laws, fiances, and others.  Let's hope it will rain on our picnic!  If it does I am just going to go stand in it.

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