Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Screw Your Friends-Aide Your Enemies

The Obama White House, in an effort to make friends with miners, drillers and other generally bad actors on your public lands, has reigned in Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar efforts to protect lands for wilderness designation.  This is the true democratic way in DC.  It is shameful.

What does Obama think he gets?  More support in the west from the people that hate him and everything he stands for?  Does he suspect he can break 35% support in Utah?  He might if the Mormon church endorses him, but that is the only way.

And then there are the people who did work for him so hard.  Environmental and Wilderness Advocates used up their shoe leather for him in the last election.  Maybe this time they will just go visit a National Park prior to the electoral votes being counted.  What a show stopper.


Lynn said...

New Mexico is so majestic and its wilderness is one of its main attractions; this could affect tourism seriously down the road. I would hate to see residents give up natural beauty for energy when there are other choices available.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I cringe at what President Obama does given all his speeches and promises running for the presidency. I guess we'll see how much support he garners from his base as his policy decisions continue to lean right.