Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I played golf yesterday with a bunch of astute political thinkers and they all wondered why any progressive, like State Senator Eric Griego, feels like they can win a congressional seat.  I can only guess that it is Griego's wish to be lionized in a poem like the "Charge of the Light Brigade."  I like Eric and agree with him on many issues.  His ability to win this is suspect.  I would certainly vote for him if he is the winner of the Primary election.

At a time when NBC's leaving the words 'under god' out of the Pledge of Allegiance has caused a firestorm from the 'sky daddy people', one would think that common sense has really disappeared.  What did NBC think would happen when some producer decided this was a smart thing to do?  While I would readily try and get those words expunged, maybe this really isn't the right time to be doing it.  It is a culture war thing and before we get into it we should end the real war thing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I wonder how the Mayor and business community in Santa Fe are feeling right now after being knifed in a midnight attack by the Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments.  That group unceremoniously dumped weekend rail service to Santa Fe after Los Ranchos Republican  Mayor Larry Abraham made a motion to do so.  I don't argue with the point that commuter service on weekdays is important, but $1.5 million a year amongst all these players is a pittance and cutting back this infrastructure is stupid.  The Mayor of Los Ranchos and his residents get all their services from the City of Albuquerque.  I wonder how they would feel about getting dumped with no notification on that front.  Not good I bet.


Vicki said...

Regarding the Rail Runner service, it would be an easy fix if they would keep the Weekend service but increase the fare . These are tourists or people taking fun trips on the weekend and they will pay for the service . Stupid to stop it altogether as it really hurts businesses around the Railyard who are trying to make it around tourism via rail runner. A higher weekend fare will help the bottom line for the railrunner and businesses in Santa Fe.

Rodney said...

Most of the objections to the Rail Runner are that it relies on subsidies that we just can't afford. How about putting up toll booths to get the users of I-25 to actually pay for it. Or start taxing the oil/tire/trucking/auto manufacturers to pay for the roads their businesses couldn't exist without.

Ok, then said...

I hope that the MRCOG's action was to give Gov Martinez a jolt. She won't listen to ordinary citizens; maybe she'll listen to SF business people. Money can speak loudly, and she does seem to be more attentive to those that possess more of it.