Thursday, June 23, 2011


Bloomfield, NM is getting ready to spend money on a couple of things that are totally unnecessary.  One is a monument to the Christian religions 10 Commandments on city property.  The other is to spend money on defending itself from a sure fire law suit by the ACLU.  I will send them $25 to help sue the city.  The city fathers in Bloomfield need to act responsibly and keep their religious beliefs out of their policy making and out of taxpayers pockets.

The word is that former Mayor Marty Chavez is going to get into the Congressional race for the seat being vacated by Martin Heinrich.  If he were to win it would be interesting to see if he can suppress his ego enough to work with the other 434 congressmen and women.  I have a feeling that he and Eric Griego will chop each other up in a primary.

I am on the road for a couple of days to Salt Lake City for a Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance Board meeting.  They are always a lot of fun because we discuss real world strategies in protecting great lands in Utah.


Greg Smith said...

According to KOB, the city of bloomfield isn't pay for the monument, a private donor is.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Martin has been quoted as saying such comments from you 'aren't helpful.' I guess he means they aren't helpful to him.

Jim Baca said...

They will still spend money defending a lawsuit I suppose.