Thursday, June 02, 2011

That's Life

The New York Times reported yesterday that a new life form was found living in solid rock thousands of feet under the surface of the earth in a gold mine.  An ugly worm with a nervous system.  This is really a wakeup call for all those that think humanity is something special.  It denotes that life forms all through the known universe can take any number of forms and will certainly outlive us hominids who hang out atop the earth's crust.

That worm, if it could reason, would probably think it is pretty safe down there in the hot rocks.  But, man in his thirst for gold for pretty bracelets has invaded its biosphere.  It is not enough that we are screwing our water and air up I guess.  That worm down there might be living on borrowed time.

Gila Wilderness New Mexico

Up here on the surface our political leaders are ruining our own biosphere in pandering the the extractive industries.  Oil, Gas, Coal, and now resurgent uranium again are running politics.  The Obama administration's move yesterday to deny decent protection for new wilderness denotes that they do not think that leaving 2% of American public lands in a natural and unfettered state is a good thing.  They are nothing but tools.

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Anonymous said...

The Obama administration is "nothing but tools".

Has hell frozen over? WOW.