Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I showed up for an early morning Tee Time at Santa Ana Golf Course today.  Looking towards the Sandia Mountains one can believe that we have only 3% humidity.  The only green thing I saw was the golf course.  If it doesn't rain soon we will suffer more fires closer to home.

There was at least fifty people with a film crew at the Golf Course.  One of the course marshall's made a snide remark about them working there on taxpayer money.(state film incentives.)

I felt like dragging him off his cart to explain to him that the golf course he is working at mostly likely was heavily subsidized by the Bureau of Indian affairs (tax money) when being constructed.  Idiots piss me off.

At any rate there were a lot of people with jobs there who should be very thankful.  Finally, my golfing buddy said he subjected himself to the Republican presidential candidate debate last night.  He just could not figure out why so many people would gather in one place with nothing to say except we hate everything the President does.  This group obviously conspired to play nice with each other.

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Lynn (NM Enchantment) said...

Your first picture really exemplifies NM. Did you mention to him the BIA stuff? It might have changed his perspective a little. Taxpayer money affects our daily lives more ways than most people realize. Hope you had a good game!