Thursday, June 16, 2011


My favorite blogging truck driver at Bubba Munster had a great political philosophical piece on Sunday.  I would urge you all read it for gems of truth embedded there.  He said that while American citizens are in decline, other country's citizens are rising up and that before long we will be asking them for help.  He may not be too far off the truth.  Probably the only difference is that in those countries the ruling families run things and in our country corporations are now running things.

I hope Congressman Weiner does resign today so the media can do something more important.  I just hope it isn't writing about what a comer Michelle Baachman is.

I see where the Governor flew over the forest fires around the state.  I thought she felt state airplanes were bad and useless.  So, maybe she was wrong and there is some utility for the fifth largest state in the US to have winged transportation.

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