Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Senator Munoz from Gallup, NM is a Balkanizer in my view.  He wants to gut the Rail Runner that serves the Middle Rio Grande and Santa Fe Communities because his constituents don't use it.  That is true.  They don't use it.  But they do use our airport quite a bit, so any one from his district should pay $100 to use the Albuquerque Airport.  And anyone from McKinley county who uses our CNM educational facilities should pay $1,000 extra to attend this great campus that Beralillo County pays for, mostly.  And then if they want to use the UNMH medical facility, maybe the Munoz constituents should pay extra for that because we pay extra property taxes for that too!  And then we could place the Albuquerque Zoo, Biological Park, Botanical Gardens and Isotopes Stadium off limits too, unless they pay extra.

The point is that this kind of moronic parochialism would never end.  It would carve us up into little city states of legislative districts where there is no common and binding institutions.  Munoz is the kind of politico that would lead a charge to disassemble our infrastructure for his own petty political career.  It is very sad.


Rodney said...

I'm glad you mentioned UNMH, that has bugged me for years. I never really thought about facilities like the zoo or Isotopes Park, but that's valid too.

What Senator Munoz ought to be calling for is a twice daily train from Gallup that would stop at Grants and maybe a stop near Laguna/Acoma before ending its run in Albuquerque.

Abq Dude said...

It seems Senator Munoz hasn't given much thought much to his proposal. Maybe he has some limitations there.