Thursday, January 12, 2012


There are some interesting signs about and many politicos might want to take notice.  For example, the Regional Water Authority says that water use is down in a time of drought.  And it appears that the meat eating public is no longer eating much meat, as beef and chicken consumption in America is dramatically falling.  (The crazy livestock people are blaming a covert conspiracy by the federal government for this.)

Little things like this might indicate that slowly but surely the American citizen might be thinking that there are limits to resources.  Even after the oil and gas industry and coal industry's expensive lobbying campaign fighting scientific proof of global climate change, the majority of the American public still believes it is happening and that fossil fuels are responsible.  They might have noticed that over 1,000 locations this month in our country have recorded record high winter temperatures.

I certainly hope President Obama gives some notice to this as he makes his decision on the Keystone pipeline.  That is the line that will bring dirty tar sand oil from Canada to Houston.  If he capitulates on this then he will have done a great disservice to future Americans.  But he still looks good compared to the keystone cop lineup of republicans wanting to be President.  Doesn't he?

And for a laugh today for Tebow....see Bubba Munster.

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