Monday, January 23, 2012

Silver Lining

Perhaps there is one silver lining in the current 'Punch and Judy' republican campaign for the Presidential nomination.  Just maybe there is some insight occurring in the American public's mind about the ability of corporate America to violently fund super pacs favoring one candidate or another.  The right wing led Supreme Court decision that created this situation is a democracy killer in my eyes.  No matter if the left or right uses it.  It all stinks.

If you talk with younger politicos these days who serve in congress you will find out they have no life.  Their days are spent on the phone raising money and kowtowing to business group's pacs.  They are miserable and their efforts are not spent on examining policy or legislation.  They are full time on the money chase.  So it would be great to see some of them, like Martin Heinrich and Ben Ray Lujan, team up with other sane politicos of their own party and the other side of the aisle to try and pass a constitutional amendment to fix this corrupt system of the rich running everything.  The President should start weighing in on this too.  Big time.

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