Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Where was all the frugality on the UNM Board of Regents when the search for the new football coach was underway?  We now see that the Regents think they need to ratchet down the pay and perks for the UNM President that they will choose this week.  It was bad enough that the football coaches make more money that the chief academic, but now they are widening the gap even more.  I don't care if the coaches salary is paid with other funds.  University Presidents and football coaches have short career paths unless the coach is a winner.  The coach also doesn't have to put up with the political b.s. from the Regents.   They are probably worse than the football fans and jocks.  This all sends a message that is surreal and bizarre at the same time.

As the Iowa campaigns wind down for the republicans we decided this weekend that a system that has several thousand evangeilical christians anointing the front runner is not worthy of our interest.  We really don't give a damn who wins that pathetic contest.  The one positive thing the media has done is getting across the message that this is a particularly weak lineup of candidates who all managed to have a lead at one point.  Thus, getting scrutiny that pretty much exposed their craziness.

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Anonymous said...

The UNM regents need to focus on educating students instead of padding the wallets of admin staff and the president like it has gone on for the last several years. The also need to get rid of all the cronies dumped there under the Richardson admininistration.