Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Fun Weekend

Bobbi and I will be taking off for a three day weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the marriage of our daughter Noelle Alexandra Baca to Luke Currell of Minneapolis, Mn. (Click here to see a quickie movie of our little girl growing up.)

Noelle and Luke had planned a big wedding next May in Colorado but decided a couple of weeks ago that it wasn't worth the stress or money.  They are so smart.  So they are getting a check from us instead of it going to the wedding planner and they will be married at the top of the ski slope Friday evening. Then a nice dinner with not to much to drink at 9,500 feet altitude.   Luke's mom and dad will be there, Sue and Don, along with Luke and Noelles' friends from Fort Collins, Colorado where they have taken up residence, bought a home, work good jobs, and do their heavy outdoor athletic thing.

I should have some pictures and movies posted on Saturday assuming the snow doesn't stop us from getting into the airport.


Donald F. Schiff said...

What a nice place to get married. Congratulations to Noelle and Luke!

Vicki said...

Congratulations to all! My daughter and her fiancee are amid great stress as they plan a "big wedding" - I wish they would rethink the cost and do something similar as your daughter and her fiancee. My daughter is so hooked into the dream.

Anonymous said...


And, for you, another good thing is the second, third, and/or fourth scandal for Pat Lyons. He must be made of Teflon!