Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Democratic Congressional Candidate Eric Griego will sign a pledge today that says he will never vote to allow corporate America to expend funds in any way to influence elections.  It is a little late for that since our right wing dominated Supreme Court says corporations are people.  What Griego and any decent congressman or Senator needs to do is draft a constitutional amendment that bans such corporate activity. That process could play out in a couple of years. Any congressman who opposes it would face some tough questioning.  Eric is doing good by talking about it.

Governor Martinez  reminds me of the US Attorney's office.  She never gives up even she it is obvious she should.  She will bring the immigrant driver's license wedge issue, really a hate issue, up in the short session of the Legislature which begins today.  It will take up valuable time which should be used on other issues.  It is like the US Attorney's office continually rolling the dice on trying to get an indictment of former Governor Bill Richardson.  Maybe it is time to admit their is no reason to do so, or that they are incompetent to do so.

As expected the Albuquerque Journal has done absolutely no followup on the case of Democratic Congressional Candidate Marty Chavez's live in girlfriend who is accused of embezzling three million dollars.  It sort of leaves Chavez dangling in the wind to not know what he knew.  If anything.


Anonymous said...

I hope it is soon if Richardson or Chavez will be exposed for any illegal activity they may have been involved with during or after their respective administrations.

Anonymous said...

Chavez is done for! Crooked politician, crooked friends! Let him wallow in defeat.