Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Right Kind

I have always thought of New Mexico Speaker of the House Ben Lujan as the right kind of politician.  The crafty and sly democratic leader comes from a working man's background in the Espanola valley.  He never ever forgot why he went to the legislature.  He really truly cares about the less fortunate and poverty stricken.  I wish there were more like him in the legislature, and especially in the staff that surrounds out right wing marionette of a Governor.  She also came from humble beginnings but seems to have spurned them.

Whenever I had the opportunity to deal with Ben Lujan as an elected official I found him to be forthright and honest about his positions.  If he agreed with you he would let you know, if he disagreed with you he would be honest about it.  I always appreciated that.

Ben Lujan will leave after his term is up next year as he battles lung cancer.  We certainly need someone of his morality to come in and take  up the reins.  I think Rep. Ken Martinez of Grants could do so.  He too seems to be one of those rare breeds of politicos.  He has a heart.

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Anonymous said...

Jim, I read this post thinking you were using sarcasm and would end with a punchline. Lujan was an embarrassment to the party and its slow move away from the legacy of corrupt crony norteno machine politics. Much too slowly in my opinion. If the legislature had ethics standards with accountability he would have been removed from the Speakership long ago. - Santa Fe