Thursday, January 05, 2012

Land Mine

I think Governor Susanna Martinez stepped on a land mine when she said she would oppose a 1/2% pay raise for state employees.  They have not had a pay raise in years and were also, rightfully so, asked to contribute more towards their retirement pensions.  The Governor had the support of many state employees in the northern part of the state and probably even more in the southern part of the state.  Even conservative democrat Senator John Arthur Smith thinks it would be okay to up the pay check a smidgen.  This pay raise would come to less than a dollar a day for the average state employee.  So you must know that this is the extreme right wing pulling the Governor's strings again.  This is a move democrats should like.

I am off to my second day of jury duty.  The orientation yesterday was good and today we will sit around the metro court jury room waiting to be called for a jury.

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