Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Could President Obama now understand the folly of the Keystone Pipeline?  It seems so.  He will delay further the decision on this climate wrecking project despite the hysteria by republicans that it will end all hope of new jobs in this country.  What a bunch of asses they are for a predictable and sophomoric response to a scientific based decision on the President's part.  Perhaps my respect for Obama is reborn.


Vicki said...

"Perhaps...?" Time for you fair-weather Dems to stop equivocating and get on board before the Republicans destroy our country. We're at war and we need all progressive-minded folks to stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for a messiah to come and save us. The constant slamming of the President by the Left since 2010 has been discouraging to many 2008 voters who may sit out the 2012 election, or even see the Ron Paul cult as somehow a "contrarian" voice against the system. Steady advocacy for progressive causes I get, but the far left's mission to sabotage this President I do not understand one bit considering all that is at stake in 2012. In this post-"Citizens United" election, we need to stay focused on the Big Picture and not get lost in the weeds.

Anonymous said...

You people in the Left? That must make you, Vicki person, a right winger...because this President has been cowardly in his approach. He has changed nothing...and we wanted him to do so.