Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Caste System

Are we creating a caste system in which former or current public employees are looked down upon as 'untouchables'?   The latest evidence is that of former exempt employees of Governor Richardson being denied unemployment benefits.  The Martinez administration is seeing to it that the wives and children of those former public servants are being made to suffer in her prosecutor's 'revenge' state of mind.  I know some of these people and they are struggling mightily.  No safety net for them!  It is very sad.

And then if you are a public employee you should not get paid your salary if you serve in the legislature.  I can see room for debate on this matter, but if it is good for public employees then it should be good for all of the other legislators to not be paid by their employers too.  Especially those involved in the oil and gas industry and other powerful lobbies in Santa Fe.  Even the self employed should be made to live on $150 a day per diem in Santa Fe.  That is not much money in the state capitol where food and lodging is very expensive.

These public employees are your neighbors, family members, and friends and yet they are being relegated to a second class citizenship by a continuing hate campaign by the right wing.  It is sickening to our democracy.  Who would be next?

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