Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bi Partisan Idiocy and Some Cahoots

Governor Martinez's selection of a Texas firm to do New Mexico's Tourism ad campaign was bound to blow up.  And it has.  The company put out a casting call for caucasians and 'light' skinned hispanics to appear in the ads.  What a bunch of idiots!  And then to equal that idiocy the Democractic party issues a statement saying the Governor Martinez doesn't care about our state's hispanic heritage.  That is unbelievable too and that statement will become the pivot point for further media attacks on the Dems.  Just watch how the editorially right wing Albuquerque Journal turns this around on the issue.

This took the Governor and her minions out of the fire and put them back in the frying pan.  They will suffer some.  But, this will end up hurting democratic candidates in the long run.  If I were Martin Heinrich, Hector Balderas, and all of the Congressional candidates I would march over to the Democratic Party HQ to roast the executives there over a slow fire.  The took a golden opportunity and turned it into a pile of donkey dung.

And then there is a story about what one can only describe as the republicans and their secretary of state being in cahoots.  She will put up a feeble or no defense to a suit by the GOP to do away with publicly financed elections.  It is not enough the repubs will bury dems in super pac money from the oil and coal boys, now they want to take overturn  legislation that would help low or median income candidates level the playing field just a little bit.

Time for Attorney General Gary King to step up big time and defend this law suit.

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Anonymous said...

Tourism Secretary, Monique Jacobson, should be fired for this and for all the contracts she is pushing to out of state business. And it's unlikely Gary King will do anything to defend the lawsuit.