Friday, March 16, 2012

Hats Off

I really admire these two New Mexican doctors who have filed a lawsuit that would seek protection when working with patients on end of life decisions.  I have always marveled at the fact that we treat our pets with more consideration and love than the law would allow us when dealing with our own decisions and those of our families and friends.  Of course if Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney were elected as President we could expect to see them interfering in these decisions based on fundamentalist religious dogma.

I am really thrilled to see President Obama continually sticking it to the republicans and their oil boys on seeking other achieving renewable energy as the future power source for our country.  They will continue to fight him tooth and nail in order to reap continued windfall profits.   This is the Obama that has been missing in action over the last three years on energy issues.

I am still on weight watchers and just hit a 15 year low!  25lbs to go by the end of the year.  The only thing I really miss is a daily glass of red wine.  Now I am down to two glasses a week.  I am not missing red meat at all.  Even less after reading about pink slime and early death!

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