Tuesday, March 06, 2012


We are back from our whirlwind trip to the East Coast.  We selected a new leader for the Wilderness Society, Jaime Williams, and look forward to working with him.  He has a big job ahead in running this respected organization.

Other things from the trip that I learned is my brand new iPhone did not like the ride it took in the washing machine at my son's house.  All it would do was give me the 'chirp of death' when I tried to revive it.  Apple gave me a new one really cheap but the fact that I did it makes me think that I am getting a little more forgetful than I should be.  Bummer!

Having a bad memory is  dangerous when you are reading over your new Bernalillo County Assessor's statement on your property taxes.  They never state whether it has gone  up or down.  They just give  you a new assessment and leave it up to you to dig through files.  They should give you a  year to year history of your assessments, much like PNM does with your power bills or the City does with its water bills.  Do you think some County Commissioner could pass an ordinance requiring that?  Or some legislator?  Or even Karen Montoya the Assessor?  How hard could it be?  And my assessment went up 3% again.  Ridiculous!  I will file a protest for the first time.  Here is the form.  If you look at the seal of the County it denotes the Commissioners like herding sheep.


Abq Dude said...

Thanks for the heads up on the property tax assessment! I'm going to file as well.

Michelle Meaders said...

Property assessments are limited to an increase of 3% a year, so sounds about right. It's still 'way below the actual value of your property. Low-income people can freeze theirs through the County Assessor's office, but that doesn't guarntee their taxes won't increase.
In Bernalillo County, you can see the assessment and taxes over the years for your address (or any address you choose). It's on the COunty Assessor's website: http://www.bernco.gov/property-tax-search/

mtoliver said...

I am actually told the sheep represent the original Bernalillo County area land grants, not the commissioners...but I can relate to the sheep-herding analogy. Or maybe it is more like cats.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas. Thanks for the form. How about a property tax reduction???? Home values are falling!

Desert Dirt said...

Jim, I'm fairly certain the Governor just signed a property tax law like this. Assessors will be required to provide more information to property owners including year-over-year values. Wish I knew the house or senate bill to direct you to but the Google-machine ought to be of better help anyway.