Thursday, March 08, 2012


It is invigorating for me to see President Obama finally giving grief to the oil and gas boys.  They have had a free ride for too long with the last few Presidents, and now for whatever reason, Obama has decided to call them what they are.  In so many words he is outing them as the greedy backwards jerks they are.  He will be repaid of course with oil super pac money blaming him for the rise in oil prices. These guys would have us using this outdated energy source until the planet could no longer be inhabitable if they could just keep making money.

PNM is on my list again for partially abandoning downtown Albuquerque.  They will move hundreds of employees to the I-2 5 corridor.  One of my friends said yesterday that PNM had turned from being a historically good corporate citizen into a 'cheap Chinese goods company.'  I agree completely.  He reminded me of the time that PNM hired former Mayor David Rusk to do one thing for them, and that was think about how the company could be better.  In this era of quarterly bottom line profits they would only hire someone to think about how to wrench the last dime out of rate payers and to hell with being a respected New Mexico presence.  What a fall from grace they have undergone.  I feel bad about it.  But, once again the lights do go on when I flip the switch.

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Anonymous said...

C'mon Jim. Isn't making money whats it's all about in America.