Thursday, March 15, 2012


Channel 13 and the Albuquerque Journal did stories about the State of New Mexico handing out a big contract to an Austin, Texas firm to produce ads for the Tourism Department.  Local filmmakers attempted to get subcontracts for some of the production but were snubbed.  The stories never once mentioned Governor Susanna Martinez and her role in this.  Can you imagine this break ever being handed over to Governor Richardson?  Frankly, I am surprised at the TV station's decision to do this.  I can assume that Dick Knipfing, at Channel 13, no longer has any editorial clout.  He was always a fair minded journalist but that station's current menu of nightly sex stories and abused puppy features must have just worn him out.

As far as the Journal goes, this is just one more example of their highly partizan editors approach to journalism.

Wait, hold that thought while I try and figure out why the Journal put a nice picture of the President of the United States on the front page today picking the Lobos to advance to the sweet 16!  Is this a trick?

Republicans, who want less money for almost all federal government programs, are now whining we are not spending enough money on nuclear weapons stockpiles.  It is really hard to understand how having a few hundred more nuclear weapons will really keep  us any safer.  If they want more money piled into nuclear research then lets put it into solving problems of highly toxic and dangerous nuclear waste.  Or maybe a new generation of clean reactors, if there can be such a thing.

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