Thursday, March 29, 2012


So former PRC member Jerome Block Jr. is out of the slammer again.  A lot of people are upset about his being released after failing more drug tests.  He has been in jail for several months.  I for one am glad he is out and that we taxpayers are not paying for his room and board to the tune of thousands of dollars a month.  Just like a lot of other drug users he is costing us serious money to keep in jail.  Money that  could be used to imprison really dangerous people rather than small time users, or to treat mentally ill patients in facilities that are decent and humane.  But of course if we were to decriminalize drugs we would save huge amounts of money in the criminal justice system.  Fat Chance.

I really don't understand why being forced to pay medicare insurance is different from being forced to pay health care insurance or car insurance.  I haven't seen that explained so maybe someone can enlighten me.  Same with Social Security tax and income tax.  This whole issue will hurt the republicans in the long run if the new insurance program is ruled unconstitutional.  This will happen when the media trots out those who will lose coverage and how their lives are shortened or their families ruined with unconscionable medical bills.  Meanwhile this country looks imbecilic to most other first world countries who do have national health care insurance programs for their citizens.  We are a nation that doesn't want to be burdened with the health of its own people.

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