Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stick in the Eye Redux

Here is something GOP candidate Heather Wilson can run on.  The republicans in congress will push a budget that will continue a wage freeze on federal employees until 2016 (six years without an increase), cut the workforce by 10% and expect the gap to be filled by the survivors, and try to lessen retirement benefits that were promised.  (Which are not nearly as generous as the old civil service retirement and are mainly comprised of 401K type plans.)

My spouse, Bobbi, has been required to work longer and harder for the last few years  because of dwindling resources.  She often works weekends.  And the party of Heather Wilson paints her as some sort of blood sucking vampire that is responsible for all our troubles.  Well, you just run on this Heather and I will predict that those federal employees will do some blood letting at the ballot box.  Cuts in New Mexico are going to hurt enough with out putting thousands of New Mexican federal workers on the rack.  All this under the shadow of oil companies receiving subsidies while enjoying wind fall profits.

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