Friday, March 30, 2012


I have been really enjoying watching this live-cam of a pair of bald eagles raising their young eaglets in Iowa.  I sign on a couple of times a day to watch the feeding and nurturing of the little ones.  Somehow it is very relaxing to see that there are real possibilities in protecting species such as the bald eagle.

Meanwhile, our oilman right wing congressman Steve Pearce is doing his best to scuttle any chance of meaningful wilderness legislation in southern New Mexico.  He has introduced a bill that would drastically reduce the amount of land that would be protected in Dona Ana County around the Organ Mountains.  There is a consensus among everyone but the subsidized oil and livestock industry that larger amounts of land should be protected.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Pearce's disastrous voting record on clean energy and environmental protection earned him one of the “Dirty Dozen” in 2010 by the League of Conservation Voting. In fact, during Mr. Pearce’s time in office, of 17 House votes on pro-environment legislation, he voted “Nay” 16 times and abstained once.