Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Bobbi!

My wonderful wife Bobbi turns 60 year old today.  This is the first photo I ever took of her back in 1976.
 This is a little video of her.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Please pass along my belated wishes to your bride for a Happy Birthday.

That's a very nice video.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Incidentally, you never seem to tire of letting everyone know what a pretty wife you have. We get the picture, OK? You plucked yourself a young one, OK? You're a stud. We lost, you won. Enough already.

Anonymous said...

Even more impressive than her cuteness is Bobbi's big brain. I remember, as a community activist, working with Ms Roberta Miller, the planning dept. employee, sent out to work on neighborhood outreach in the university neighborhoods, as we developed sector plans. I'm thinking it was the mid to late '70s. Much of our neighborhood, south and west of the UNM, was zoned commercial, though current use was residential--much of it single family. Every time a bungalow would come up for sale, it would be purchased by an investor that would raze it and build a god-awful ugly "Campus Compacts" type apt. building--dense residential living of non-owner occupied housing, often atop a carport, so the efficiency appts looked like it was on stilts. Additionally, Presbyterian Hospital, on the west end of this area, was gobbling up all the homes heading east on Silver and south to Roosevelt Park, and turning them into parking lots, and sites for future development. The city council placed a moratorium on building in the neighborhood until the city could get in there and change the zoning to better reflect the mixed uses--commercial, single-family homes, single family homes with converted garages or other little rental units in the back, as well as apartment buildings-that were currently in use and preserve the mixed character of the neighborhood. Ms Miller was dispatched to reach out to the residents, as well as businesses and institutions, to try to hammer out a sector plan--new overlay zoning for the neighborhood. A daunting challenge, especially getting viable residential input in this largely transient neighborhood. I have fond memories of her tireless efforts to educate us in zoning specifications, land use patterns, traffic considerations. I do know that shortly after this process, I moved from my rental home near Roosevelt Park, around the corner to a home on the one-way that I purchased on an FHA loan. And, if the zoning had not changed from commercial to residential, I could not have purchased that home with my FHA loan (that I barely qualified for). Thank you, Bobbi, and a belated Happy Birthday.