Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dog Wags

I am ever astonished at the national media.  They keep talking about Governor Susanna Martinez as being one of the possible saviors of the GOP.  (only because she is a Latino I guess.) Have any of them checked out her performance as Governor of our State?  Let's see.  She has no legislative program.  No policy initiatives, except for hassling immigrants which the GOP is now deciding is not a good idea.  Everyone of her judicial appointments were rejected by the voters.  She has done little in the way of attracting jobs to our state.

So, how exactly is she a savior?  Maybe the New York Times and Washington Post could send some one in to do a real analysis about her accomplishments in the last two years.   Yes, she is still popular like Albuquerque's Mayor Berry.  But really neither of them have advanced our state or showed any vision for a better future.  And with their terms in office passing rapidly they can no longer blame their predecessors for their problems.


Bubba Muntzer said...

You may have seen this but the political reporter for Yahoo News talked to her at the Republican governor's meeting in Las Vegas and has used what she said in a couple of stories.

She says what everyone is saying about attracting Latinos, but has some good advice, about actually listening to the people whose votes they want.

I wonder how much of that advice she follows, or will she start following it? I can easily read her comments, and just about everything she's done so far, as being the calculated results of meetings between her and her political advisor(s).

That's half the game, I guess, but if she continues she will eventually have to come up with answers on her own. There will be debates and she will have to react on her feet to reporter's questions.

She hasn't given many interviews, has she? I saw one recently where her answers to the softball questions of a young TV reporter sounded rather forced.

A more experienced politician would have used the opportunity of those kinds of questions to do more with them, to remind people of why her policies are good for working folks in a few sound bites, to lay out her agenda in terms that hit peoples' buttons.

She is new to the Republican Party, so is probably still getting up to speed on even what they believe, but she's also new to politics in general. She may have not even been the kind of person who immersed herself in the news or in policy wonking.

She's very smart though. She's found out the hard way that her popularity doesn't mean people will do whatever she tells them to. That was probably done on the advice of her advisor(s). Hopefully her recent remarks are an indication that she's getting it and is thinking on her own.

Maybe it's time for some Democrats to buy her lunch.

Ok, then said...

She's a savior like Bobby Jindal is a GOP savior. At least she hasn't effectively dismantled the public education system here, as Jindal did in Louisiana. Saviors? What a bunch of hooey.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know whose crazy idea it was to have veterans identify themselves on driver's licenses? This is going to go nuclear. The road to ruin is paved with good intentions.