Friday, November 30, 2012


I got out of the house in the early evening to meet Bobbi at the movie.  We saw Lincoln.  Possibly the best political movie ever made.  Every high school in the nation should mandate showing this production to all of its students.  Some students will get nothing from it.  Some will learn the art of politics.  I highly recommend this realistic look at Lincoln. 


Anonymous said...

I saw Lincoln this week. Wonderful. I had no idea of the struggle to pass the 13th Amendment. I was surprised at who was in favor and who was against. Daniel Day Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, and Sally Field were wonderful in their roles.

I also thought that it should be shown to High School students.

Rodney said...

While waiting for my "date" to show up to see a different movie, a bus load of high school kids did arrive at the 24 screen theater at 11AM and all treked in to see Lincoln.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Glad to see you getting out and about and around!

How's the mountain bike working?

Seriously, I guess you haven't said but I had wondered how confined you've been.

As I leave for work in a few I'm going to make it a point not to complain, and to be grateful I can go and work for the Capitalist b______d who made us all contract employees so that he could save the few pathetic bucks a week it cost him to pay our Workman's Comp and Social Security which includes our SSI Disability Insurance.