Monday, November 26, 2012


I have been watching a lot of TV Talk Shows on MSNBC and other channels while I recuperate from my first knee replacement. (Progress is good)  One thing that I keep hearing is that GOP candidates lost because of 'bad branding'.  If that term doesn't make  you think that corporate America is running things then I don't know what could convince you.  Just say bad politics, not bad branding.  Because that is what the GOP is guilty of in this last election.

Heather Wilson said she will ride into the sunset and not run for office again.  In some respects she was a victim of that bad politics and incompetence of the GOP.  I never liked her politics but, as in the case of the Governor, I didn't think deep down she was one of the real wackos.  Like the Governor she just gave herself over to the crazies in her party in order to be elected.  Now, the Governor better start looking over her shoulder too.  She better dump her political advisers and quick.  She better get into the mainstream on the treatment of immigrants as she now looks pretty hateful for her advisers push to demonize those who wanted drivers licenses.

And now it is time for the State Democratic Party to start working on that next election.  Somewhere out there is the person that could conceivably beat Martinez.  Isn't there?


Anonymous said...

On that note, it is past time to start thinking about getting Berry/Perry out of City Hall in Abq. The names being tossed around are far from impressive. How about a run, Mayor?

Jim Baca said...

Not in this lifetime!